There are 4 main types of air conditioning unit that we supply and install in the Pretoria area. Each job we attend will be give a thorough inspection and the recommended units will be discussed based on the room size, home or commercial premises and energy saving requirements as well as how often you will be using the unit. Our team of experts are always on hand to answer any questions or queries that you may have.

types of air conditioner unit pretoria

Ducted Systems

These are common in larger installations in shops, offices and commercial premises such as restaurants. The installation usually takes longer as more ducting is required. The main unit usually sit on the roof of the property and its common to have 4-5 condenser units based on the area and m2 you need to cool.

Wall & Floor

Common in homes due to the fact they can be mounted in either high or low positions making them versatile in almost any room or for any requirements. Cheap, easy to install and have one external fan unit. Minimal installation time required.

Ceiling Air Con Unit

For use in rooms without a suspended ceiling, these units are larger and suitable for a bigger room. This type of air conditioning unit is slightly more costly but more powerful that the wall units we supply. Instillation will take a little longer. We find this a popular unit for living rooms and dining rooms on residential basis or for small shops and restaurants.

All In One Unit

These units are popular due to cost and the fact that no piping or external unit is required. Suitable for light use and only small rooms.