Air Conditioning Servicing Pretoria

Maintaining your air conditioning system is of paramount importance to ensure you can effectively cool the required space whilst also being energy efficient. Poorly maintained air con can increase your electricity bills dramatically and will also provide poor performance and inadequate cooling, not to mention the potential cost of replacing the AC units if they become damage beyond repair. Get regular servicing of Air Conditioners Pretoria by contacting our team today and we’ll provide the necessary maintenance contracts to ensure you enjoy uninterrupted use of your system as well as keeping your energy bills lower.

air conditioner service pretoria

We service any type of Air Conditioning system whether at home or at your commercial premises. Common faults with your system may include inadequate cooling, water leaking, blocked filters or internal circuit problems. We will also check the pressure using state of the art equipment to ensure maximum efficiency and longevity of your system. Whatever the case, our trained and professional air con technicians will quickly diagnose the issue and provide a timely fix to ensure you get back on track fast. For any kind of Air Conditioning Servicing Pretoria, call our dedicate repair team today on 012 004 1844.

air conditioning repair pretoria

Air Conditioner Repair Pretoria as well as regular servicing can be arrange on a regular basis or as a one off. If your AC has stopped working, is not powering up, has noisy mechanisms or is simply inefficient, we can help. No matter what the issue is, we will try our very best to fix and repair the problem fast. In the rare case that we are unable to fix the issue or if the air con repair is too costly, we can arrange for a new system to be installed. We are the one stop shop for all Air Conditioning Repairs in Pretoria, service, maintenance, fault finding and inspections. Call today on 012 004 1844